Basic Nail Art Techniques

Coming up and implementing pretty nail designs is basically a game of imagination and creativity. Although you can create absolutely unique designs, you will use some common nail art tools and techniques to achieve the overall result. Custom pretty nail designs are done by using different techniques and combining them into a final product.

But what are those techniques? What can we use to get to that unique glamorous style?

nail design

Stickers and Stamps

Stickers and Stamps are one of the most used tools for the creation of pretty nail designs. They are easy to apply and guarantee a certain result. Which is not the case if you decide to draw your own concepts by hand. After all, not everyone has the gift of drawing/painting well. There is an enormous variety of stickers and stamps, proposing a lot of different ideas to implement in your whole concept.

Flashy Rhinestones, Flitter, Glitter Flakes and Powder and all other different shining and glittering elements are used to give a little bling to the overall nail design. They have different methods of applications and can be used in a variety of ways. Again, it is up to the imagination of the nail artist, how we will implement those elements.
Little pearls, ceramic, rubber, glass and different other elements are also used. When you think about it, you can use everything you think you can fit to the nail and will produce a good result. This is a part of the freedom of nail art.
There are different figures you can apply to the nails. We are talking about different shapes like hearts, flowers, music notes, etc. You can also use feathers,

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